With the Haarlem PP head office only a few kilometers away from the wonderful North Sea beach, the choice was quickly made for a donation from our 'Giving Back To Nature' piggy bank. Introducing…




The North Sea Foundation has been the organization for more than forty years when it comes to protection and sustainable use of the North Sea. Behold their (translated but just as impactful) jaw-dropping pitch.

"The North Sea is an extremely rich sea with a great diversity of marine life. Yet not everyone is familiar with the beauty and importance of our sea. Did you know, for example, that the Dutch part of the North Sea is larger in area than the mainland? At 57,480 km², the Dutch North Sea is our largest nature reserve.


Bang! The Netherlands has more water surface area than land surface.


That's well worth saving, you would say. But it doesn't really seem like that (yet)…

This is what we read on the website of the North Sea Foundation: “The Netherlands actually already had to achieve 'good environmental status' by 2020: a condition in which the sea is clean, healthy and productive, has a great ecological diversity, with only sustainable use. A goal that has not been reached. Some seabird populations are now doing even worse and the seabed is still being substantially disturbed.


These Sea Heroes are working towards a healthy(er) North Sea with four strong focal points. We'll list them for you:


1. Room for nature

“For a healthy North Sea, it is important that large areas are protected against human activity. There, animal and plant species are given the peace and space to recover. That makes the entire North Sea healthier.”


2. Sustainable food sources

“Fishing is an important pillar of our economy and culture. At the same time, fishing can be bad for North Sea nature. The North Sea Foundation is committed to making fishing more sustainable, and to the many other options for obtaining sustainable food from the sea.”

*Ever heard of 'Blue Growth'? That is the cultivation and further development of new forms of food from the sea. Think: seaweeds, sea vegetables and algae. You heard it here first: "blue" food is the new green food!


3. Nature-friendly energy

“With offshore wind farms, gas extraction and solar energy, the North Sea plays a key role in energy generation, and that role will only increase in the near future. Within these energy farms, it is important that nature is protected and given the opportunity to recover.”

*For a nice example: collaborative project De Rijke Noordzee places artificial reefs in wind farms, releases oysters to stimulate marine life and invesigates how nature development can become a permanent part of the construction of every windfarm.


4. Clean sea

“A healthy North Sea is a clean North Sea. A sea in which everyone who is active there also takes responsibility. This means that no one leaves waste in the water and on the beach. That fishermen take their nets and rope neatly with them. And that ships do not discharge paint, plastic and cargo residues or emit harmful substances.”




As you see: our new friends from the North Sea Foundation are sticking their necks out for the future of the North Sea. To each his own, we know more about clothes; ) But we are happy to do our (your) part in the form of a donation. Be sure that it is money well spent.

Closing scene. Just imagine... With a sustainably grown algae cocktail in hand on a spotless golden North Sea beach, while a cloud of healthy North Sea gulls feast on washed-up shrimp instead of throwing themselves en masse at your bag of fries. Et la mer brille comme une coquille…

More info:

Website Stichting De Noordzee