Woolfans, what's(wash) up? You probably remember what we wrote in our care blog about not washing (merino) wool. Did you forget? Or maybe you're new here? Then read the 'How to wash merino wool' blog first. If you don’t feel like gong there right now, maybe because you are busy / impatient / lazy? We've got you covered, the moral of this story on its own is also a favor to al your woolen clothing.



You don't have to wash wool to keep it fresh. Parbleu??? Yes, you read that right. The "open" structure of the single wool fiber and the frizzy texture of a large collection of wool fibers (which is essentially a knitted item) repel odors and "small" dirt easily. Hanging the clothing out in the open air - or in a steaming bathroom - is often enough. Adieu eau de wet dog.



Wool owes its self-cleaning properties to the layer of fat that envelops each fiber. That fat slows down the absorption capacity: moisture and dirt remain on the surface and are not absorbed into the fiber. The enzymes in the fat also break down bacteria so that odors are neutralized. That fat layer is called lanolin, and it makes wool unique. So, good stuff.



All seems fine and dandy, but sometimes giving your woolen item a wash is really inevitable. Especially if your woolen item is light in color, such as our ivory white LA COEUR. Because you can't get rid of a big pasta sauce stain with minimal effort and even the most brave enzymes are powerless against a corsage of baby spit. Oops. Nothing you can do but wash your garment. But what happens when you wash fabrics? Well, dirt and grease are dissolved and washed away. This works great for most textiles, but spells disaster for wool. But don’t worry! A special wool detergent keeps the lanolin layer of your wool item intact. In fact, it sometimes even contains lanolin and replenishes the protective layer where necessary. Genius!



Naturally, we have such a miracle wool detergent in our shop just for you. Hey, either you're a wool expert or you're not. EUCALAN is a wool detergent based on lanolin. You don't have to rinse it out of the garment: this way your beloved wool will benefit optimally from the nourishing treatment. The unscented version cleans perfectly and also makes your item less static - the scented version is enriched with eucalyptus and lavender scent for a subtle fragrance with moth-resistant properties. (M)othing a moth can do to your items now ;-).

You can find EUCALAN in the shop under the heading "accessories & othermust-have wool care product.

Ps: of course you still have to follow the normal instructions for washing wool. So read the care label, and check out our previous
care blog of the 10 caring for wool commandments before you put your wool item in the washing machine.

And before we forget: we have a box of mini samples at the place where we pack our orders, so if you're lucky we'll put one in your package. We can't promise, because we only have limited amount and the early bird gets the worm. So order your items now and maybe you'll find a little surprise in you package!

Love, Nicole & Ilse