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1% giving back to nature

Giving back 1% | We don't do cheap - We do SHEEP
Giving back 1% | We don't do cheap - We do SHEEP

We don't do cheap - We do SHEEP! During Blèck Friday 2023 we went a step further with our 1% 'Giving Back to Nature'. For every order, PLEIN PUBLIQUE donates an additional €5 to De Rhedense Schaapskudde. And not just by donating, but we are adopting lambs. In this way we help care for the flock of sheep and the wandering sheep promote the biodiversity of Dutch nature.

Giving back 1% | SEA what YOU did
Giving back 1% | SEA what YOU did

Sea what YOU did! We contribute, on your behalf, to the North Sea, the largest nature reserve in the Netherlands.

Samenwerking met Appel & Ei
Cooperation with second-hand store chain Appel & Ei

Unfortunately, some sale items are returned. And since we can't sell those as regular in the store after that, we wanted to do something with them. So what can we do? Are we going to resend those items to someone else? That is not very environmentally friendly... So we kept looking for something else to do with these returned items. That is how we came across the second-hand store chain Appel & Ei.

1% pledge | Onze eerste donatie kan het dak op
1% pledge | Our first donation is up on the roof

Something to go wild for: we are going to contribute to the construction of green roofs!