Why is merino wool ‘expensive'?

Merino wool is expensive. But expensive is a flexible concept. If you know the reason why merino wool has a higher price tag than other wool types, you will probably understand better.

First of all, merino wool grows very slowly, and can only be 'harvested' twice a year. While the costs of shelter, care and food for the merino sheep continue for 12 months a year. Merino also has a finer structure than most wool types - which is an advantage because merino is softer and less itchy - but… more fibers are needed per garment. Kaaatching $ £ €.

Of course, there are more affordable merino wool items on the market, harvested from merino sheep that are bred and kept under poor conditions. First of all, that is ethically not okay, of course, but it also has consequences for the aesthetic quality. The most beautiful merino comes from sheep that can walk around freely and happily in the mountains, and are cared for with love and attention. And that is priceless.

You can also judge whether merino is expensive based on the lifespan of merino wool items. A lovingly cared for merino garment lasts for years - on average 5 times as long as clothing made from other wools. The more you wear it, the lower the "cost per wear". That is not an excuse to justify your purchase, but unadulterated math. And: the more you reach for your favorite merino garment, the less you'll spend on scoring another fleeting trend item. Merino wool is always an investment piece!

Ps: Of course we can't look into your wallet, but reality tells us that a 100% merino item doesn't fit everyone's budget. A mix with, for example, cotton or viscose also looks very nice, and offers the same feeling of luxury with a slightly more friendly price tag. Less money to spend? Go for a blêêênd :-)

At PLEIN PUBLIQUE we also often use a blend with merino wool. No, not because of the price, but in the spring we often feel like cotton and a blend with merino wool is ideal.

Below you will find our beautiful collection of merino wool and merino wool blend items.