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Refund policy



I want to exchange an item, how do I do this?

Made the wrong choice? Or have you always been a doubter? Never mind, we'll solve it together.

- Report your exchange by e-mail: hello[@]

- Indicate which article you want to exchange, against which new size and/or colour.

- Send your item, and as soon as it reaches us we will send you the replacement item - if in stock at the time of processing.

Has my return arrived yet?
As soon as your package arrives at our head office, you will receive a return confirmation e-mail. If you haven't heard anything, it hasn't arrived yet. If you haven't heard anything after 3 days, please send us a message. We will then immediately start investigating for you.

If I return an online order, will I get a refund?

Just kidding...of course! If you order online, you will be refunded (no extra charge) - using the same payment method you used to place the order. And then we'll just put a line through the bill.


I have received the wrong article or the wrong size, what should I do?
Oops, have we been asleep? Nobody 's perfect, as it turns out. Sorry for the inconvenience - send us an email at hello[@] and we'll fix it as soon as possible. Friends again?


Can I change an item?
Yes, every order can be exchanged once free of charge. Returns within 21 days are a strict requirement - and of course the desired item must be in stock. No charge will be made for any subsequent return or exchange within the same order.


When can I get my money back for returned items?
Please return your item within 21 days. As soon as the returned item is back in our possession, we will start processing and refunding it. This takes a maximum of 5 days (usually 1 or 2 days, but we want to keep some breathing space...just to be sure). For credit card payments it works differently; we process it extremely fast, but it takes a bit longer for the credit companies before you see it. Then it takes up to 2 months for the money to be credited. If it was a gift - and the recipient is not the buyer - we will of course refund the original buyer. (Yes, beggars cannot be choosers, they still get money on the side - I don't think so ;-))


What does it cost to return it?

For NL and BE it is almost always free, unless we indicate it in a promotion/ campaign. But we have made a nice list for you below :-).

> UK
Due to changed VAT rules since 1 January 2021, it is not possible for us to accept orders which should be shipped to the UK. 



Shipment costs 
Free when above
Return costs


Free 1-3
Belgium €6,95 €60 Free 1-4
Germany € 8,95 €150 Free 1-5
Denmark 16,95 €200 €14,95 3-5
France € 12,95 € 150  €14,95 1-5
Greece € 24,95 € 250  €14,95 3-5
Ireland € 19,95 € 200  €14,95 3-5
Italy € 14,95 € 200  €14,95 3-5
Luxembourg € 9,95 € 150 Free 2-4
Malta € 29,95 € 300  €14,95 3-5
Austria € 14,95 € 200  €14,95 3-5
Poland € 14,95 € 200  €14,95 3-5
Portugal € 16,95 € 250  €14,95 3-5
Spain € 14,95 € 200  €14,95 3-5
Sweden €16,95 € 200  €14,95 3-5
Norway €16,95 €200 €14,95 3-5
Finland €16,95 €200 €14,95 3-5



Is your question not listed?

Send us an email hello[@], and we will answer it as soon as possible.






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