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Hoe haal je het beste uit je coltrui?
How to style your turtleneck at its best
Nothing as annoying as doing things too little too late, so today we take matters...
Samenwerking met Appel & Ei
Cooperation with second-hand store chain Appel & Ei

Unfortunately, some sale items are returned. And since we can't sell those as regular in the store after that, we wanted to do something with them. So what can we do? Are we going to resend those items to someone else? That is not very environmentally friendly... So we kept looking for something else to do with these returned items. That is how we came across the second-hand store chain Appel & Ei.

1% pledge | Onze eerste donatie kan het dak op
1% pledge | Our first donation is up on the roof

Something to go wild for: we are going to contribute to the construction of green roofs!

Blog | Oversized hoe dan?
Blog | Oversized... how to?

Are you used to oversized sweaters and cardigans yet? No, that's okay, I get it. Because as a fashion girl, I'm just getting used to them and it's been a trend for a few seasons already. But oh lala how oversized is delicious! Super comfortable, that warm cocoon to hide in, and nowadays also very stylish. With these tips & tricks the styling of anything oversized is going to become easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Blog | Zet je zonnebril op - felle kleuren zijn in de mode
Blog | Put on your sunglasses - bright colors are fashionable

Bright colors are in fashion! Color is taste-bound just like the things you like to eat, the music you love, or the smell of your shampoo. Everything is possible. You decide what suits you or what you feel like, and there is a good chance that that includes bright colors now. So... what about them?

BLOG | Je outfit in Ton sur Ton betekent in de mode 'kleur op kleur'
BLOG | Your outfit in Ton sur Ton is 'color on color' in fashion

Ton sur ton is an unadulterated fashion term, freely translated it means 'color on color'. So with fashion outfits, this is an outfit in which almost all parts have the same color, or are built up in different gradations of the same color.

We took the dive into the history of the term and wrote this extensive blog about it, especially for you (;

Broderie Anglaise - Een stof met een geschiedenis
Broderie Anglaise - A fabric with history

Where does the Broderie Anglaise fabric come from and...why is it called Broderie Anglaise? We once again take a dive into the history of fabrics...