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BLOG | Je outfit in Ton sur Ton betekent in de mode 'kleur op kleur'
BLOG | Your outfit in Ton sur Ton is 'color on color' in fashion

Ton sur ton is an unadulterated fashion term, freely translated it means 'color on color'. So with fashion outfits, this is an outfit in which almost all parts have the same color, or are built up in different gradations of the same color.

We dived into history and wrote an extensive blog about it. Are you reading along?

Broderie Anglaise - Een stof met een geschiedenis
Broderie Anglaise - A fabric with history

Where does the Broderie Anglaise fabric come from and...why is it called Broderie Anglaise? We once again take a dive into the history of fabrics... are you reading along?

Interview | Nicole over het succes van PLEIN PUBLIQUE
Interview | Nicole about the success of PLEIN PUBLIQUE

Curious about the success of PLEIN PUBLIQUE? Then this is the article for you! Maison365 did an interesting interview with Nicole, owner of PLEIN PUBLIQUE.

Capsule wardrobe samenstellen tips
Easily create your own capsule wardrobe in 7 steps

A capsule wardrobe is sustainable, stylish and nice for your wallet. But how do you start? Very simple! We share 7 tips for putting together your new capsule wardrobe.

'Ik heb geleerd dat niets alles perfect hoeft' aldus Nicole Hoefsmit in QEY
'I've learned that not everything has to be perfect' says Nicole in QEY

After a setback, put your back into it and continue, reinvent yourself. Fall, get up, improve and keep going. The owner of PLEIN PUBLIQUE Nicole Hoefsmit knows all about that. Read the new interview she did with

De geschiedenis van het T-shirt
The history of the T-shirt

In this blog we tell you the history of the T-shirt. What gives the T-shirt its name, who first wore a T-shirt and how you wear a T-shirt these days. Are you reading along?

Hips voor de bips door de jaren heen
Sass for the ass trough the years

The history of the stylish house pants is a long one. Because there was a time when free time did not exist, so the wonderfully comfortable pants did not exist either. But it originated from somewhere in history. From sports pants to casual pants to sweatpants to apartment pants. We have written an extensive blog about it. Read on and enjoy!