Nothing as annoying as doing things too little too late, so today we take matters into our early-precaution hands. It is and will remain cc-cold turtleneck weather for the time being, and that calls for a styling clinic! The demand for warm turtlenecks with merino wool, alpaca wool and cashmere is high, but not everyone knows the styling tricks of the turtleneck. Plein Publique to the rescue with…




1. By wearing it instead of making it collect dust in your closet (obvious, but true)


2. Think outside the box: a turtleneck doesn't really look good with your favorite skinny or flared jeans. Combined with a bit more fancy pants like our LA KIKI you create a casual-chic outfit that makes you look both stylish and warm at work.


Wide-leg trousers LA KIKI Kit Broek LA KIKI & Trui LA NIKKI


3. Take a critical look at the shape of your neck. The length and shape determine which type of turtleneck looks best on you. If your neck is a bit on the short side, choose a not too tight turtleneck like that of our cashmere blend La Puck. With some distance between the turtleneck and your neck, your neck looks longer and slimmer. Are you blessed with a long slender swan-like neck? Then you can get away with any type of turtleneck, even with a close-fitting turtleneck collar like our merino wool LA CLIQUE and LES SALLES, or the super deluxe cashmere blend LA ROCCO.


4. Take a critical look at your ‘outline’, or your complete silhouette. Yes, also from the side! If you have full breasts, emphasize them with a turtleneck. No problems there? We don't either, but it's just a little tip. If your cup size is modest, a turtleneck will visually add a bit more 'body'. Another tip: a Breton striped turtleneck like LA PUCK breaks up the plane and subtly draws attention away from your bust.


Gestreepte trui LA PUCK Donkerblauw-Ivoor

Bretonse trui LA PUCK


5. If a slightly looser fitting sweater with a turtleneck is a bit too much in terms of volume, tuck the front of the sweater into your waistband. This 'French tuck' is as elegant as it is casual, a combination of factors that makes every look just that little bit more exciting. Yep, the French know exactly what they are doing…


6. More fitting sweaters and T-shirts with a turtleneck or col are often layered under a blazer or cardigan. Tip: you can also combine them with a dress that is just a little too thin for the time of year. This works especially well with dresses with a round neck or V-neck. Avoid dresses with a collar, an excess of fabric around your neck can look a bit bulky. Turtleneck shirt LA BAMBI has a somewhat tighter turtleneck that goes perfectly with a round or V-neck dress. Plenty of colors in the shop: there is always one that suits your style.


Col shirt LA BAMBI Dark Smaragd

Col shirt LA BAMBI


7. Last but not least: the turtleneck goes great with our new sleeveless sweaters and spencers as well. Especially when it's just a little too cold for a thin blouse or bare arms. For example, what do you think of the combi merino top EVI + turtleneck LES SALLES? Both finely knitted from 100% merino wool, so you immediately take part in the knit on knit trend as well. In addition, the puffy balloon sleeves from Les Salles give your layered outfit a trendy edge.


Merino mouwloze top L'EVI Naturel

Merino top L' EVI


Feeling like putting what you have learned just now into practice? Go through your closet looking for a turtleneck, and/or hurry to our online boutique before competing PP fans snatch the most beautiful turtlenecks right in front of you. They all read our blog, so it will be a neck and neck race :)


Stay warm – stay stylish