The classic the turtleneck

It takes some getting used to again, the cold! But we can help you! Because throwing on warm clothing is the best way to fight the cold. And we mean clothing like a sweater, or even better: a turtleneck. And as a specialist in classics, the turtleneck is a phenomenon that PLEIN PUBLIQUE is very familiar with. Very on-trend, wonderful to wear and armed with a more-than-interesting history.

The History of the turtleneck

For example, did you know that the turtleneck was actually invented by the men? This beautiful garment was already worn by knights in the early Middle Ages. In particular to protect their delicate necks against the chafing of the armor and their chain mail (That protective garment made of iron rings, which Paco Rabanne once was inspired by. But that's another story). So yes, even a knight had such weaknesses. We are not surprised that Jaimi Lannister also wore a turtleneck in Game of Thrones ;-). But quite funny and unusual that a fashion trend like this did not arise with women but with the men.

This fact is repeated again in the roaring twenties. Progressive "angry young men" adopted the turtleneck as a replacement for/opposed to the formal tie by wearing it underneath their suit. But not only the intellectual upper class wore the turtleneck sweater; the sailor, PLEIN PUBLIQUE's own favorite working class hero, also benefits from the warm and protective properties of the turtleneck.

Marylin Monroe & Audrey Hepburn & Sophia Loren

With so much attention over the centuries, it is not surprising that the turtleneck sweater eventually also got picked up by the celebrities; style icons such as Marylin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren were seen in the luxurious silk variant, proving the ultimate versatility of the turtleneck sweater once again. Nevertheless, it disappeared from the fashion scene for a while, partly due to the popularity of the t-shirt, but as befits any classic, it reappears by itself from time to time. In the sixties on the slender body of the world's 1st top model Twiggy, and in the seventies often seen on the necks of pipe-smoking intellectuals and live-life-to-the-max practicing hippy groupies in the music scene.

Well, you are now caught up on the relevance of this classic, but let's not forget the most important thing; the turtleneck is simply a versatile and above all beautiful item to add to your wardrobe. And nice and warm. So take a look at our selection; developed with care and love and - of course - in a cool Breton stripe. Admit; it's a close call race with the iconic crew neck jersey. So go crazy; take them both. Come on. You deserve it :-)


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