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FAQ merinowol duurzaamheid
FAQ merino wool sustainability
SUSTAINABILITY IS KEY We occasionally get questions about our merino wool. Where our merino wool...
Sounds weird? As if, for the sake of rhyme, we just stuck some words together?...
Hoe was ik een merino wollen trui zonder dat hij krimpt - Video
How to wash a merino wool sweater without it shrinking - Video

The best video!, which explains how to wash merino wool. Loud and clear.

Merino wol eigenschappen
7 wooly facts about merino
PLEIN PUBLIQUE ❤ MERINO WOOL   Merino wool: we at Plein Publique can't get enough...
Merino wol pluizen pillen
This is how you safely remove wool fluff and pills

Have fluff and pills appeared on your favorite merino wool sweater? No problem! Merino wool is a natural product that fluff and pills are part of. Fortunately, we have useful tips to easily remove them and (partly) even prevent them!

Merino wol veelgestelde vragen
FAQ merino wool

In this blog we'll refresh your merino wisdom. What are the ins & outs again? You don’t even need to ask, we’ve got you covered :).

Hoe was je je merino wollen trui zonder dat hij krimpt?
How to wash merino wool

How should you wash your merino wool sweater? Or how do you ensure that your sweater does not shrink? Can you actually wash merino wool? In this blog we will tell you what to do to keep your woolen garment beautiful. Read on to find the 10 do's and don'ts on washing your merino wool.