At PLEIN PUBLIQUE we believe in the power of high-quality timeless classics as the basis for a sustainable wardrobe that will last a long time. Anyone who has known us for a while knows: we are particularly smitten about wool. It will therefore not surprise you that we are just as fond of sheep, the suppliers of our beautiful yarns. Big kudos to Mother Nature: she was on a roll when she invented the sheep!

At Plein Publique, we have been giving 1 percent of our turnover back to nature for some time now, in the form of donations to causes and agencies that monitor and restore the health of nature. For Blèck Friday 2023 we have gone one step further. We added an extra €5 to the piggy bank for every Blèck Friday order and donated it to the Rhedense Sheepherd (de Rhedense Schaapskudde). Just like that? No...we have actually adopted lambs*! Naahhhwww so cute...


But first...


Do you remember how you melted as a child when you stood up to your knees among the sheep, in a cozy sheep stable or completely unexpectedly during a walk on the heath? The warm woolliness of adult sheep, the cute little lambs on their shaky legs... ♥

Besides being just too cute sheep flocks are also extremely important for preserving nature, did you know....

  • Wandering sheep promote biodiversity? Pollen and seeds hitchhike in their coats, native plants and herbs are spread over a wider area this way.

  • Sheep herds increase the radius of nature reserves by relocating them? Smaller nature zones grow together to form a larger whole.

  • Nutrients from the heath and forest are converted into manure? Sheep manure releases better nutrients than natural composting.

  • Sheep graze the suffocating grasses out from between the heather plants? Due to the precipitation of nitrogen, grass wins over the heath land and can suffocate it, a flock of sheep solves that problem naturally.

  • Grazing better than mowing? After mowing, most insects are gone, but with grazing the vegetation remains 'plucky' - a safe hide-out for insects. Another advantage: insects, snails and spiders also travel in the fur and spread more easily.


Maintaining a flock of sheep is a costly affair, the people of the Rhedense Sheepherd know all about it. Donations are desperately needed, and adopting cute lambs* is the best way to sponsor ever! The first baby wave is expected in February 2024, and we can't wait for that to happen.

Each adopted lamb gets a name, and you helped us think of them. We are already curious about which cute, funny, cool, old school or trendy names you have come up with! Even more fun: when 'our' lambs are born, we will receive the baby photos and the birth certificate from the shepherd. At a later time, when the lambs are allowed outside, we will spend part of the day with the shepherd and the sheep. Giving Back to Nature at its best!




Little update from the sheepherd - March 1, 2024:

The first lambs were born at the end of January this year. And now the counter is at 140(!) lambs that have been born. The lambs and moms are doing well. More about 'our' lambs soon.


*In consultation with the Rhedense Schaapskudde, we adopt a maximum number of lambs, the remaining proceeds from the Blèck Friday promotion went to the Rhedense Schaapskudde Foundation to care for the flock.