We're contributing to the circular economy. Last year we started with our 1% pledge; At PLEIN PUBLIQUE we give 1% of our turnover back to nature. Last month we donated the first €5,000 to the foundation dedicated to green roofs in Utrecht. You can read more about this here.

Besides the fact that we actually keep our promises, it turns out that the 'giving back to nature' concept really starts to live in our minds. We want to do something good.

We want to give something back. And so we started our sale a few months ago. Anyone who has been following us for a while will see that we only send 1 sale newsletter per season because we are not a discount brand. 

appel & ei


But unfortunately, some sale items are returned. And since we can't sell them as regular in the store after that, we wanted to do something with those. So what can we do? Are we going to resend those items to someone else? That is not very environmentally friendly... So we kept looking for something else to do with these returned items. That is how we came across the dutch second-hand store chain Appel & Ei.


appel & ei winkels


Appel & Ei is the ultra-hip second-hand clothing chain with a brilliant name – we wish we had come up with it! (Think of a very nice Dutch aphorism for something cheap.) At Appel & Ei you will not only find clothing that has been handed in for resale by the first owner - you will also find the leftovers of fashion brands. In this way, sparkling new clothing will still be circulated, instead of ending up directly on the globally growing mountain of clothing waste.


Good for the customer – because paying a low price for a beautiful item is always nice. And good for the environment – the clothing produced is not discarded or offered for waste processing. It will not surprise you that the last sustainable approach in particular is tickling a special place in our heart. 

appel & ei winkels



Even at PLEIN PUBLIQUE, after having been on sale for a year, unsold clothing is 'left over'. Despite our careful & minimal purchasing policy. S*** happens. Part of the fashion industry and little to do about it. But there is something to do with it!

What is left over goes in the first instance to the sale. Whatever is returned afterwards or is still on the shelves, goes to our friends at Appel & Ei.

Second round, second chance. The tasteful shops of Appel & Ei offer a fine range of quality clothing for a reasonable price. Their offers change often, so it is worthwhile to take a look regularly. Who knows, you might run into a lonely little PLEIN PUBLIQUE sweater that longs for a happy owner!


appel & ei winkels



Of course, PLEIN PUBLIQUE also receives part of the turnover via Appel & Ei. But we have decided that that money will be deposited directly into the 'Giving Back To Nature' savings account. The same account on which we also set aside 1% of our turnover. We donate the saved amount to companies and institutions that strive to keep the earth livable.

This way the piggy grows faster and we can do more!

The PLEIN PUBLIQUE items will be available in the Appel & Ei stores from the beginning of March.

Love, Nic