PSSST... en by that we mean literally, PSSST!

Because, have you seen our clothing spray? Psst psst, wake up and smell the coffee. Correction: smell that blissful smell more indefinable than coffee. But how nice that it is! The name of the fragrance is Carte Blanche. Tres chic, non?

“Why do I need a clothing spray?” I hear you ask. Counter question: why do you need dry shampoo? Because you want to postpone washing your hair? Well, there you immediately have the answer to your question. Sometimes clothes - just like your hair - are not yet ready for a wash, but there are some points for improvement in terms of smell. With a clothing spray you effectively put the odor improvement cherry on the cake. (Thank us later for the scrabble points)

Apart from that, washing less is a hot topic anyway. We are talking about clothing and textiles here, let's be clear. It's part of making our daily lives more sustainable to give the environment a break. Wanting to wash 'costs' water and energy, and detergents end up in our living environment through the sewer. Common knowledge, but we can never say it enough.

There is good news regarding (merino) wool, which may be 'old news' for the observant types among you: you don't have to wash merino wool. For the newbies – or less attentive types (we love you too):



We have already written an extensive blog about this in the past. But just in case you need a refresher...


  • The open structure and the frizz of the merino wool fiber (footnote: it's actually hair) ensure natural ventilation of the knit. To boost that built-in air conditioning, hanging in the humid outside air is often enough. Adieu garlic, smell ya later barbecue and bye bye workout sweat!


  • All wool types have a natural fat layer. That wool fat is called lanolin, and it forms a protective layer that repels dirt and dust. If some impurities do end up in your wool, the proteins in the wool fat break down the bacteria, so that odors also have less chance.


  • If you have big stains on your woolen garment, you sometimes cannot escape a wash. With a special wool detergent that leaves the layer of lanolin intact – take a guess: you can also find that in our shop of the Eucalan brand – it usually turns out fine. We also have a blog about wool detergent.


Back to the crux: washing is the last resort. A clothing spray is ideal for a quick, odor-enhancing refresh. For example, if the barbecue was smoking in your direction, your chilly aunt thinks fondue is also cozy with the windows closed, or if your sweater/blouse/dress/T-shirt has been in winter storage for a month (or two) too long.

The perfumed liquid is packaged in a handsome atomizer. Because the eye also wants something. take a look? (We are very proud)



The spray is super easy to use: easy peasy lemon sqeezy. This is how it works:


  • Spray from a distance – 20 to 30 cm is fine
  • Don't use too much, but don't use too little either (psst psst… go ahead, one more time psst)
  • Hang the garment freely in the room (inside or outside) until it is dry
  • And you're ready to go!


Of course you can go easy/cheap and only use a flower sprayer with tap water. But don't you sometimes spoil yourself with a frivolous perfume? Because it makes you happy? Pamper your hard-working clothes, they deserve it. No need to make it a special occurance, you have Carte Blanche.


You can buy the clothing spray here in our shop.


Footnote for the critical consumer (don't hesitate to feel addressed). Our clothing spray is safe for textiles. Duh. And no, no propellant either. Simply squeeze the fragrant rascal yourself. Psst psst!