Does this sound familiar? You have a closet full of clothes, but you still don't know what to wear. Nevertheless, you can completely upgrade your wardrobe with some beautiful fashion classics. By adding a few good classics you can make your wardrobe look like new again.

Classics as the basis for your wardrobe

Trends are temporary, they come and go. But you will always be spot on with a classic. It works on almost any item of clothing and never goes out of style. It is a must and a good basis for your wardrobe. In addition, you are always sure that you look stylish, and who doesn't want that?

Style icons

If we look at fashion history, you see that the most stylish celebs often dress in the classic clothing style. Style icon Audrey Hepburn in the Breton shirt, Marylin Monroe in the black turtleneck, but also Meghan Markle of today. She is one of the style icons of our time. Because of her stylish classic style, she never goes out of fashion.

Love for quality

If you go for classics, take items of good and luxurious qualities. Because these garments have to last a long time, it is important that you buy something of good quality. Sometimes it takes a while to save, but then you also have something! At PLEIN PUBLIQUE we have long had a love for timeless, well-made, exclusive and trendy women's clothing. We translate iconic classics that passed the test of time with an exclusive touch, a trendy hint of something extra and sometimes a big wink.

Which classics we have selected for your bucket list? You can find this via this LINK

Enjoy! Love, Nicole