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How do I exchange or return items?

You can either return or exchange items with us. CLICK HERE and fill in your details (email and order number).

You will be directed to our return or exchange platform. Specify what you want to exchange or return, and the rest is self-explanatory.

NOTE: If you want to exchange for a different color or a different item, it's better to send us an email at hello[@]

Send the package with the provided return label and keep your proof of shipment. 



What payment options are available?

Which ones aren' fact almost all payment methods are available. From iDeal to credit card to Mistercash and Paypal. 

How long does the return process and refund take?

As soon as the returned item is back in our possession, we start processing and refunding it. This takes a maximum of 5 days (actually it is 1 or 2 days, but we want to build in some breathing space...just to be sure).

For credit card payments it works differently; we process it extremely fast, but it takes a bit longer for the credit companies before you see it. Then it takes up to 1.5 months before the money is credited. If it was a gift - and the recipient is not the buyer - we will of course refund the original buyer. (Yes, they have looked a gift horse in the mouth, they still get money on the side - I don't think so ;-))


What are the delivery options?

The Netherlands: We send the packages with PostNL. The letterbox packages are delivered to your mailbox by DHL.

Belgium: We send the packages with the DPD

What is the delivery time?
Well, that's a good one. Actually, we are quite fast, but we think a bit about the environment. So we don't do 'faster than sound' deliveries. In other words...orders placed before 21:00 are often shipped the same day. Okay, that's pretty quick after all. Please do note that we are dependent on couriers and delays may occur beyond our control.

* During public holidays and busy periods such as Black Friday, Christmas etc. we may deliver a little later, so please take that into account or ask us before ordering via hello[@]

What are the shipping costs?

Well, we are good at this too, namely; mostly free, but we have a list for it: Shipping costs

Can I cancel/change my order? have to be very quick and then it might be possible. As we deliver fast, sometimes changes are not possible. Anyway, send us an email at hello[@] and who knows!

How do I file a complaint?
Complaint? Warranty right up to the door, eh?... Just kidding.
It can happen, it's still clothing. Send an email to hello[@] and we will always take your complaint seriously. Don't be shy.


My husband has washed my merino wool sweater and now it is a child's model. What can I do?

Option 1: Trade in husband

Option 2: Give shrinken garment to child

Option 3: Give your husband our website address, and we'll take care of the rest with him. And be sure to have him read the following "How to wash my merino wool sweater without it shrinking?" 


Merino wool? Are you kind to the sheep?

By popular demand, we would like to tell you about our wool suppliers. Because, critical thinkers as you are, the questions have been non-stop banging on our door lately. And not only about sustainability in relation to our environment and the planet, but also about the welfare of the animal behind the scenes. We have made an extensive response and you can find it here


I have received the wrong article or the wrong size, what should I do?
Oops, have we been asleep? Nobody 's perfect, as it turns out. Sorry for the inconvenience - send us an email at hello[@] and we'll fix it as soon as possible. Friends again?

How can I subscribe/unsubscribe to the newsletter?
Always, always, always. Through the following link you will find the login option. And under each newsletter you will find an unsubscribe link.

Is your question not here?
Send us an email hello[@], and we will answer it as soon as possible.


Shipping before 8 p.m.

All orders ordered before 8 p.m. will be shipped the same day

Shipping policy

21 DAYS right of return

Having doubts? You can return your package with us up to 21 days and get a direct refund.

Refund policy