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The history of the Breton stripe

UNE BELLE HISTOIRE - The Breton stripe

PLEIN PUBLIQUE is a brand that will always bring the Breton stripe. But that doesn't come from just anywhere. In fact, this stripe has a rich history.... Because if there is one classic that has earned its mark in the history of fashion, it is this two-coloured iconic stripe!

- Classic

- Timeless

- Durable

- Fantastic in its simplicity

A stripe with a story. Proven popular among celebs of today and yesteryear. The iconic Breton stripe.

Read on below and find out!

21 victories - 21 stripes

Heroics, garlic and Coco Chanel. Huh? What does that have to do with a striped jumper - I hear you thinking. Time for a little history lesson. Because behind your coveted Breton striped jumper, there is an interesting story! The Breton stripe originated in Brittany where locals spun yarn and produced shirts for the French navy.

The 21 stripes are in fact an ode to Napoleon and his 21 heroic victories! A warm woolen version was developed for local sailors, who sailed to England in the 19th century with ships full of garlic. The iconic stripe was an eye-catcher in the most literal sense of the word; a drowning man dressed in Breton stripe was easy to spot - and thus had an edge over the poor slob who went overboard miserably in a plain jersey.


And if you weren't already convinced that the Breton stripe was right; none other than Coco Chanel made a statement by manoeuvring women out of the corset, and into the cool Breton jumper - with silk pantaloons, that is. Since then, the rise of the Breton stripe has been a fact; from Audrey Hepburn to Brigitte Bardot, and from Pablo Picasso to James Dean - everyone who matters and did in the international jet set falls for this must-have like a block.


Luxury and class are timeless. And iconic. Because who doesn't know them; the classics that shouldn't be missing from any wardrobe. The ultimate basics, those all-time-favourite items that carry you effortlessly through every fleeting fashion season. The Trench Coat. The White Shirt. The LBD. And the Breton Sweater. Surely, for timeless quality, you'll step up to the mark, right?

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