'Black clothing is warmer than white clothing in the summer'

Popularly it is said that dark-colored clothing is not suitable for summer temperatures. This is a myth! Yes really, and a stubborn one too; as early as 1980 (!) A scientific study made short work of that dogma. The starting point for the research was the dressing behavior of Bedouins in the Sinai desert, who are dressed in black from head to toe.

Why? Tradition, authenticity, cultural fortitude in a changing world - for which nothing but homage. Although Sinai is not the leader in the ranking of the hottest places on earth - that place is occupied by the Luth desert in Iran where at a temperature of 70 Celsius you are baked crispy in the scorching sun - but herding goats at a temperature of roughly 45⁰ Celsius is still a lot warmer than what most of us would consider 'nice weather'.

Reason enough for 'Nature', International journal of science to investigate why the high temperature of their living environment does not prevent the Bedouins from continuing to wear their traditional dark-colored clothing.


How do they study this? By - don't laugh - measuring and comparing the temperature between the hairs of white & black goats under sun exposure. What turns out? White transmits more shortwave radiation to the skin than black. The measurement under the clothing of Bedouins - half of the test subjects brutally torn out of their comfort zone and dressed in white - gave the same result.

Conclusion; white lets more radiation through. The heat output is then compensated by the light-reflecting properties. Black absorbs more heat, but it does not let it reach the the skin any faster, and black demonstrably lets less radiation through. Final score; 1-1. Skeptics overruled, summer dark lovers reassured.


Nicole Hoefsmit; "When we recently released a summer capsule collection in - for a summer season - fairly dark colors, some eyebrows were raised. We now know that they can go down again."

Nice fun fact, huh? The elimination of a fable thus proves the right of existence of our fabulous summerdarks collection. However, there is one "but". Relatively speaking, everything heats up in the summer heat - including clothing - so it is important to choose items that are made of highly breathable materials so that the heat can escape. A loose-fit is also important; the more air under your clothes - the more ventilating the clothing.

The summer items from PLEIN PUBLIQUE are made of 100% Italian viscose with excellent breathability, have a trendy loose-fit and fashionable prints; a leopard print in black / camel and a zebra print in black / taupe - we tackle the trend towards brown tones in fashion with the latter in one go. "Maybe we should consider a black goat print for next summer ;-).”