No idea what BLACK FRIDAY is and where it comes from? I didn't know myself until a few years ago. So I decided to investigate. :-)

BLACK FRIDAY is the day of the year when nearly all US companies get in on a big sale for just one day. On Saturday the sale is over and products will have returned to their original prices.

BLACK FRIDAY always falls on the day after Thanksgiving in America. This is because on this day most people are still free from work. This also effectively introduces the time to start doing Christmas shopping again. In the Netherlands we of course have Sinterklaas, so it is not entirely applicable. But like so many American traditions, BLACK FRIDAY has also found its way to Europe.

GREEN or YELLOW would also have been possible, right?

Well no, the color BLACK comes from America's accounting system. Losses are written in RED and wins in BLACK. To close the year with black figures, a profit often has to be made. The companies must be in the black. Hence BLACK.

PLEIN PUBLIQUE is also participating in BLACK FRIDAY!

So ... don't forget to buy something nice for yourself, your sister, girlfriend, mother, aunt, acquaintance, colleague and so on. After all, Christmas is in sight …

Love, Nicole