Going big?

Are you used to oversized sweaters and cardigans yet? No, that's okay, I get it. Because as a fashion girl, I'm just getting used to them and it's been a trend for a few seasons already.

But oh lala how oversized is delicious! Super comfortable, that warm cocoon to hide in, and nowadays also very stylish. Just a bit of a shame that there is no instruction manual to fashionable oversized, because how can you best style such an oversized sweater? We prefer not to see the 'big' in GOING BIG too literally in the mirror :)

Don't worry, with the tips & tricks below, styling oversized sweaters and cardigans becomes a stylish piece of cake.

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It's all about the balance lady

Basic rule: First look carefully at the overall silhouette. Do you see a cumbersome, shapeless outline? Then it is important to 'shape' your silhouette.

If you wear wide pants, choose a non-oversized top. This way, the "shape" shimmers through. Yes, it's that simple.

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Or the other way around!

If you wear an oversized top, choose skinny jeans or flared pants. The latter should ideally fall a bit smoother around your thighs. This way you restore the balance between your upper body and your lower body. A mini skirt, tight pencil skirt or shorts also work, it's about showing the shape of your legs.

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Big & big

If you are already used to the oversized look, you can also wear an oversized top and oversized pants. It is important for this shape that you show your waist by, for example, using a belt or a French tuck.In this way you restore the balance between your upper body and your lower body once again.

TipfromNic: Oversized does not necessarily mean that it has to be very large. A little oversized is fine and very stylish too.

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french tuck

Know about the french tuck? Sounds like a lot, but it's easy to grasp. To show off your waist, simply tuck a piece of the front of your top into the waistband of your pants or skirt. This way you create a waist without negating the trendy effect of oversized. Cheating? Sure, but it works.


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Another way to balance your silhouette is to use a completely different color than your oversized sweater or cardigan. By doing this you break through the silhouette. The eye then automatically sees two planes instead of one continuous shape. A striking print also has the same effect. With this trick you can get away with pairing an oversized sweater with baggy pants. It doesn't matter that much whether you choose color on your upper body or lower body. A brightly colored sweater on neutral pants, or vice versa.

TipfromNic: Sweater LA BOBBY is also available in bright pink, a nice match with trousers LA KIKI in a neutral kit colour.

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supple smooth

If you go for oversized, choose smooth qualities. A smooth drape at least shows something of your figure. It makes it elegant & stylish. Merino wool, viscose and modal, for example, are yarns that naturally fall this way. 100% cotton items, on the other hand, often have a more boxy fit, which quickly makes you look bigger. You may now also understand why we at PLEIN PUBLIQUE have a preference for viscoses and merino wool :-). We certainly love fashion, but think style & elegance are much more important!

TipfromNic: Sweater LA NIKKI has a fitted hem. This prevents the dreaded 'swimming band' when you wear your sweater in your waistband.

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You see: it's not difficult, especially now that you know what to look out for. That's lucky: The oversized trend isn't going anywhere for a while. And neither do we, because we're toasty warm in our oversized favourites. Just on the couch in our oversized sweater LA PUCK. Because let's face it... a lovely oversized sweater to binge in on the couch, isn't that the best there is?

Love, Nic