May we introduce you to the newest member of the PLEIN PUBLIQUE family? Honored PUBLIQUE (drumroll) …………. the PLUISMUIS®. (Or "fluffmouse", to give you a rough translation) The absolute champion among the fluff clippers. Isn't it adorable??? The name alone is cute.



We have been playing around with the idea of including a number of wool and cashmere sweaters in the collection for a while. So we took a deep dive into the matter and noticed the following; when we googled wool and cashmere and opened the suggested pages, we regularly came across the term "pilling".

So often, that it seemed as if pilling overshadowed the beautiful and soft image of the wools. Bad for business. And all the more reason to tackle that image problem a la PLEIN PUBLIQUE, in the form of a fluff clipper 2.0 with Instagram-worthy qualities. That, in a nutshell, is the genesis of the PLUISMUIS®. A story with a tail :-)



Before we continue; just a brief explanation for those who are not familiar with the term pilling. Pilling is the formation of fluff on a fabric or garment as a result of friction and is most common with wool. (Also with acrylic sweaters, but we don't really have these in our store) And of all wool types it is most common with cashmere. Hence a dent in that otherwise flawless image. One of our previous blogs was about our aversion to easy assumptions. This actually ties in quite seamlessly with that.


Many people have a preconceived notion about pilling, the fluff on your sweater. They think that a piece of clothing that pills is of poor quality. Not true! I see it more as the "collateral damage" of a cherished and much-worn favorite piece. The more you use it, the sooner it wears out. Just look at people; the more years on the counter, the more you start pilling as a person :-). Think of the PLUISMUIS® as the textile variant of a facelift; Just fixing it up a bit. Nice and sharp.

P.S: We are already writing a blog about cashmere; pending as we speak.


What makes the PLEIN PUBLIQUE PLUISMUIS® (PPF for friends :-)) so different and special?

The well-known old-school fluff trimmer was a rickety thing. Crack-prone plastic, blades blunt after two uses, disassemble the whole thing while profanely cursing under your breath while trying to remove the accumulated fluff, green juice sputtering batteries, etc., etc.

Our PLUISMUIS® is of a completely different caliber; good quality plastic, sleek design that fits comfortably in the hand, foolproof removable fluff reservoir, an extra spare blade, cool pink edges and ……. a sexy mouse hole with charging function - the rechargeable batteries do not need to be removed to bring the mouse to life - and as icing on the cake the power cord in the role of a coquettish tail. So no crumbled gel nails, failing batteries and by bike through the rain to the shop for a 24-pack of penlites of which you only need 2. Nice!

The PLUISMUIS® is available through this LINK

De PLUISMUIS pluizenverwijderaar van PLEIN PUBLIQUE