At PLEIN PUBLIQUE we have developed a beautiful dotted sweater. Inspired by Irish fishing sweaters. A lightweight merino wool turtleneck with hemstitching and three-dimensional dots, or should we call those dots pompoms instead?

Familie Bolletje :-)

That everything is coming back is nothing new, vintage shapes and classic fabrics can be seen in the fashion image again. But among some 'ugly fashion items' ' we do find beautiful gems. For example, the old traditional knitting techniques of the Aran archipelago, just off the Irish coast. With this three-dimensional knitting technique, they made thick, warm sweaters against the cold and for the sea. These sweaters feature complex stitches, cables, dots, checkered and diamond shapes.

Because each area had recognizable knitting patterns, they could easily be traced back to a specific area within the islands.

Steve McQueen in een ARAN sweater

This was especially important if a fisherman fell overboard. Though.. it is a macabre idea that one can identify the drowned fisherman by their patterned sweaters. But ultimately very important for the relatives.


Trui met bolletjes LA LUMIERE